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Getting started with Lob

Sending mail in an accurate, reliable, and programmatic way involves the following:

Address accuracy

Improve your rate of deliverability of your address data with our Address Verification capabilities.

Mail creation

Next, use our APIs to build automated workflows & business logic around these three direct mail-related tasks:

  • Design: generate clear and concise instructions around what you're sending
  • Data in: pass data that spells out how you want to send mail
  • Data out: pass data that exports mail tracking information & spells out what to do with it

Mail production

Based on your API call submission, a printer from a strategically distributed network of printers managed by Lob will fulfill your orders.

Mail delivery

Once production is fulfilled, your mail is on its way to be delivered to its final destination. Lob uses USPS for delivery in the US. Tracking information is sent to Lob by USPS. Lob then surfaces the information to you, but has no direct control over your mail once USPS has taken possession.

Craft the best path forward

Depending on where you are in your direct mail path, find the resources you need to craft your best path forward:

  • Building: Create a new direct mail program from the ground-up with no long-term commitment and scale your mail production as your needs grow. Read our API docs and get started on our platform.
  • Improving: Talk to sales about up-leveling your existing your direct mail workflows with programmatic sends, streamlined production, and access to quality mail tracking data. 

Additional resources

No time to waste or limited in resources? Make faster progress by using the following.

SDKs & tools:


  • Existing users of Salesforce can take advantage of our powerful app on AppExchange
  • Leverage various low-code solutions to connect siloed databases and processes 
  • Add a direct mail touch to your existing tech stack and level up your omnichannel campaign orchestration or workflow automation 

Leverage our partners:

  • Technology partners: Leverage a prebuilt solution with built-in direct mail capabilities powered by Lob
  • Enablement partners: Engage verified experts to create custom solutions or enhance your direct mail offering
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