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Integration overview

In close partnership with Veezla, Lob launched our direct integration with Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM. As a 100% fully native integration built atop the Salesforce Platform and available via the AppExchange, any Salesforce user can send automated direct mail, easily and at scale.

Integration details

Lob's direct Salesforce integration is accessible via Veezla’s Print & Mail app, which is built and published by Veezla on the AppExchange and powered by Lob. 

  • Plug & play: purchase the Veezla app on Salesforce AppExchange along with a Lob subscription to fully access Lob functionalities within your Salesforce instance, all in just a few clicks
  • Print & Mail: Send mail at scale and record all interactions, access content management libraries, map custom objects, build triggered workflows and automated mass mail campaigns, and leverage ReportBuilder to turn quality direct mail data into actionable insights  
  • Address Verification: A refreshing new way to manage addresses in Salesforce, by keeping your address data standardized, validated, and verified. 
  • Enterprise edition users will be required to purchase a Lob premium support subscription if they want support for mail production and delivery
  • Optional implementation services & integration support plans are available from Veezla

Technology requirements

This integration runs on Salesforce.com Enterprise edition or higher, or Salesforce Lightning Platform plan (Force.com). 

  • Certain form factors and features will only be accessible to Lob Enterprise edition users, such as folded self-mailers or custom envelopes
  • The integration is not compatible with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and any associated solutions like Journey Builder, Pardot, or B2C Commerce Cloud at this time
    • Depending on the customer use case, Salesforce ProcessBuilder or Lightning FlowBuilder may be a more suitable (or superior) alternative that can meet the need to add a direct mail touch into your business process workflows.

Getting started

Support information

Contact Veezla’s support team concerning any questions or concerns around your app’s technical functionality or workflow automation issues experienced within the Salesforce environment. Veezla's team can be reached at support@veezla.io

Contact Lob’s support team for any issues around print quality and production, mail fulfillment and delivery, billing & invoicing, or security. Your Lob customer success team can also advise you on direct mail use cases, best practices, and ideas. You can reach us at support@lob.com or submit a request.

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