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Lob.org overview

Lob.org is our dedicated social impact arm that amplifies the values of Lob and leverages our core competencies for positive social impact and sustainability. We believe that direct mail plays an important role in social change. 

Current programs

Lob for Good

Through our customer program, Lob for Good, we offer special donated and discounted pricing for nonprofits and for organizations whose work aligns with our focus areas of racial justice and civic action. 

Lob has enabled nonprofit organizations to:

  • easily automate sending mail pieces as part of an omnichannel branding strategy
  • trigger direct mail engagements based on donor or supporter milestones
  • automate volunteer or vendor payments with checks
  • leverage tracking events to trigger follow-up actions upon receipt of mail
  • drive greater conversion and donor attribution using QR codes or personalized URLs

Lob.org eligibility 

To be eligible for Lob.org product donations and discounts, organizations must be: 

Lob will not donate products or services to any organization whose mission or actions discriminate against protected groups, including on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, pregnancy, gender, gender identity, veteran status, or any other forms of marginalization. 

Lob reserves the right to consider any information to determine violation of this policy at any time, including public sources such as social media. If a recipient is deemed to be in violation, Lob will notify the organization and terminate access to the product within 48 hours. 

Ineligible organizations:

  • Higher education institutions
  • Large healthcare organizations (hospitals/health plans). Acceptable exceptions include free clinics, healthcare co-ops, entities addressing low income populations, substance abuse and mental health, blood banks, and health research entities.
  • Professional, commerce, mutual, and trade organizations 
  • Fraternities or sororities
  • Employee or membership benefit organizations without charitable aims or activities benefiting non-members
  • Governmental organizations or agencies (unless part of a Lob.org initiative)
  • Legislative or political organizations (unless focused on nonpartisan voter education)

Getting started

How to apply

If your work is aligned with the Lob for Good mission, we encourage you to apply here today. 



If you want to partner with the Lob.org team in a different way, email us at: lob-org@lob.com.

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