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Third-party integrations for Lob

When new features or functionalities need to be added quickly to your business systems and workflows, it may be more time-efficient and cost-efficient to leverage third-party integrations; tapping into pre-built automations that connect with Lob. If you do not have engineering resources or time to develop a fully customized Lob API integration in-house, the following tools may be a great starting point to utilize Lob's functionality and to build automated solutions that suit your company's needs.

Low-code / no-code tools

These enterprise tools are great for building business workflow automation that include sending mail or verifying addresses without using a single line of code. These are the best fit for less technical teams that would like to use their existing apps/services, which already store customer data, and tie them into Lob. 

Marketing & workflow automation tools  

These tools are crucial for orchestrating multichannel marketing campaigns, or for automating complex business workflow-based event triggers, business logic and processes, or user milestones. If you already use marketing automation tools, leverage our integrations to easily add a direct mail touch into your customer engagement or business workflow.  

Data append solutions  

Data appending can help augment your customer database with adding missing information or rectifying incorrect information such as e-mail IDs, phone numbers, addresses or demographic data of your target audience. We partner with the following services to append data for sending direct mail.

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